Meet Our Adoptables

Help Our Friendly Cats Find Their Forever Homes

Our Adoptable Family

At Alma School Animal Hospital, we are committed to responsible pet ownership. Our team fosters purr-babies without mothers and cares for cats that are waiting for their forever homes. If you are considering adopting one of our felines, we thank you for potentially saving a life.

Fees and Discounts

Our adoption fee is $125.00 and covers a small portion of the medication costs. At the time of adoption, you will have access to the cat’s medical history as well as an up-to-date vaccine status.

To show our appreciation, Alma School Animal Hospital offers a 15% discount on services for a year after the adoption. This is to ensure a smooth transition from our family to yours.

Care for One of Our Cats

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of our friendly felines, please submit a request. Include a message telling us who you are interested in adopting and your contact information.


Meet Our Adoptables!


Polly joined our adoptable family in 2015. She has spent most of her life with us and we are hoping we can find her furrever home! Polly is 5 years of age and lives well with other furry, purry pets but do prefer men to women. We are unsure how she is with dogs, so a dog-free zone may be a good family fit for her. Most of the time, you will find Polly sleeping on her cat tower. If you know of someone that will love Polly as much as she could love them, please share the love by spreading the word!


Lydia is the newest purr baby in our adoption family. She is 6 years old and is a little shy but very friendly once she has seen your face a couple of times. She likes to trill and talk to you whilst you pet her. Lydia enjoys the cat tree very much and spends most of her day with other cats in our family room. Lydia’s ideal home would be a cat-friendly, dog-free zone so that she can thrive in a fear-free home! Please call us to adopt Lydia. She has a wonderful heart!


Babs was born in 2018 with a few special needs. Babs was born with no sternum and has an eye condition that leaves her needing artificial teardrops, an over-the-counter medication because her own eyes do not produce enough tears. Babs needs a loving home with lots of patience and understanding. She gets along with other cats and craves a loving family to call her own. Please call us if you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweetheart.


O’Malley is an 11-year-old gentleman who absolutely adores children! He enjoys sitting in the cat tree as well as playing with a silly, stringy toy. O’Malley has been with us since early 2018 and we would love to see him dreaming away on the end of his new family’s couch or bed. Please call us today if you are interested in adopting out O’Malley.